Seth Reid

Applying Advanced Measuring Techniques to Tree Risk Assessments on ROWs

Wednesday May 4th, 8:15am, Utility Breakout “Electrical Parade”

To maximize efficiency and reduce cost associated with tree risk assessments and related work, it is critical that the inspector knows if a tree can strike conductors. This presentation will focus on two advanced measuring
techniques used to capture tree height and the distance to conductors: GE MapSight and LIDAR. The presenter will explain how using GE MapSight and LIDAR measurements can improve accuracy and narrow the target selection for tree risk assessments.

Seth ReidSeth Reid has more than nine years of inspection-related work experience within the UVM industry. He is a certified arborist, a utility specialist, TRAQ qualified, and has a master’s degree in biology from California State University, Fresno. His experience includes LIDAR-based ground inspections, developing and implementing tree compliance and risk assessment protocols, and UVM programmatic reviews. Seth specializes in the application of advanced measuring techniques such as GE MapSight and LIDAR for UVM activities with an emphasis on tree risk assessment.