Field Tours

Thursday Afternoon Field Tours (ticket required)

We have two great options for conference attendees who want to get outside and continue their exploration of what the local urban forest holds.  

· Option 1: UC Berkeley. A guided campus tree tour with a stop at the forest pathology lab (Box lunch included).

The UC Berkeley campus has over 275 tree species, making it a living museum for trees from around the world. The campus walking tree tour will look at several key areas, starting at the western Eucalyptus Grove.  

 Over a 100 Eucalyptus globulus were planted in 1877 along the banks of the strawberry Creek, as a windscreen for the adjacent running track.  This grove is now Landmarked and considered the tallest grove of hardwoods in North America.  In 2015 , three of the tallest trees were measured over 210 ft in height by WCISA climbers.   

Other walking tour stops include the Memorial Glade, Campanile Esplanade ( 1916) and  Halprins Sproul Plaza (1962). The heavily wooded Strawberry Creek runs through the campus, a shaded respite from the  surrounding formal buildings. 

A limited number of the book, “Trees of the Berkeley Campus” by Jim Horner and Lorraine Freeland will be available at the conference. At $25,  it contains detailed information about the campus trees, their locations and a detailed history of the campus plantings.

· Option 2: Tilden Regional Park.  Points of interest include 1) eucalyptus and acacia dieback with Matteo Garbelotto and Dee Rosario, East Bay Parks District Board Member, 2) fire fuels discussion with East Bay Regional Parks Fire Department, and 3) a visit to the Tilden Botanical Garden (Box lunch included).

Tours will leave from the Marriott at 1:00pm and return at approximately 5:30pm