Schedule Overview

Monday May 8th, 2017

7:00 10th Annual Britton Fund Ride Kick off and Tree Planting
8:00 TREE Fund Golf Outing
3:00 Registration Opens
5:30 Opening Ceremony & Reception with Exhibitors

Tuesday May 9th, 2017

7:00 Registration Open, Continental Breakfast with Exhibitors
8:00 Welcome – Lisa Smith, Western Chapter ISA President
8:30 Keynote – Andy Lipkis – The Urban Forest 3.0: Accelerating
10:00 Morning Stretch with Exhibitors
10:30 Richard Hauer Municipal Forestry Baseline, Trends, Dashboards, and Where Do We Grow from these Findings?
11:30 Awards Luncheon
1:00 Matt Ritter – The Systematics of Trees – How all the World’s Trees are Related and What it Means
2:00 David Zucker A lifetime of comedy and trees
2:30 Afternoon Stretch with Exhibitors
3:00 Dr. Jessie A. Glaeser Something’s Rotten in Paradise
4:00 Dan Simpson Media Management: Proactive Planning, Strategies, and Considerations for Trees
5:00 Happy Hour with Outdoor Exhibits

Wednesday May 10, 2017

Partners Planning Progress
8:00 Alex Villalta & Carlos CamperoConservation Corps: A Young, Capable and Ready Workforce Pieter Severynen/Luke Midura, Fresh Water Wisdom Igor Lacan, Connecting Wood Decay Fungi with Tree Failure
8:50 Richard Hauer, The Cost of Not Maintaining Trees Dr. James Downer, Mulches: Utilizing Mulches to Help Trees Thrive and Survive During Drought Robert Booty, Level 3 Inspections: “A Non-Invasive Approach to Tree Risk Management”


10:30 Johan Östberg, Urban Tree Inventories – An International Perspective Frank W. Telewski, Thigmo What? Thig-momorphogeneiss! How Trees Respond toWind Linda Chalker-Scott, Stressed Out: How to Recognize, Treat, and Avoid Stresses in Your Trees and Shrubs
11:20 Monica Hemingway, How to Build an Online Presence That Gets Results for Your Tree Care Business Geoff Kempter, Changes to the ANSI A300 Pruning Standard Jim Flott, At the Root – Moving Large Trees Economically


1:15 Gillian Martin, The Wonderful Life of a Dying Tree Dawn Fluharty, The History of Tree Trunk Injection: How We Need to Bring Treatment Back into the Hands of Arborists Tracey Takeuchi/Dr. James Downer, Tree Selection for Changing Climate Conditions
2:05 Ryan Gilpin, Wildlife Best Management Practices Jim Neester/Karsten Schultz, Tree Growth Regulators – Partnering to Control Tomorrow’s Growth Today Wister Dorta, The East Meets the West – Tree Procurement from NYC to CSM


3:10 Frank W. Telewski, Tree Biomechanics 101
4:10 Nelda Matheny, Managing Landscapes Irrigated with Recycled & Desalinated  Water


Thursday May 11, 2017

7:30 Women in Arboriculture Breakfast ft. Cy Carlberg, Amber Krebbers, and Lisa Ortega (ticket required)
8:00 Dr. Jim Downer – Chernobyl III – Shade Tree Research in Kiev & Chernobyl Nuclear Exclusion Zone
9:00 Dr. Greg McPherson – Planting Paradise: New Research & Tools to Maximize Future Benefits from Trees
10:00 Stretch Break
10:15 Cecil Konijnedijk – Urban Forests: Paradise or Punishment, Place or Problem?
11:15 Dan Lambe – Creating High Impact Programs: Searching for the Ripples and the Waves
12:00 Adjourn – See you in Santa Rosa!
1:00 Tree Tour: Balboa Park and It’s Rich History (ticket required)

CEUs available:
Tuesday – 6.0 CTM
3.5 – BCMA -M / 1.5 BCMA -P / 1.0 – BCMA-S

Wednesday – 7.50 CTMU
Partners: 1.75 – BCMA -P / 2.0 – BCMA –S / 3.75 – BCMA -M
Plans: 3.5 – BCMA – P/ 4.0 – BCMA- S
Progress: .75 – BCMA – P/ 3.5 – BCMA -S/ 3.25 – BCMA – M

Thursday – 3.75 CTM
2.0 – BMCA -S / 1.75 – BCMA -M

WIA breakfast – 1.0 CTMU – BP
Tour – 3.0 CTM – BP