Keynote: Nalini Nadkarni

Trees as Connectors of Earth and Sky: The diverse and overlapping values of trees for humans

The need for informed decisions in understanding and managing trees and forests is increasing, spurred by global changes in climate, urbanization, and conversion of natural to managed systems. How can people who work with trees help others understand the importance of trees and how to be better stewards of them? I describe how I have linked the scientific values of trees with values of people from other parts of society, including those who are artists, policy-makers, and incarcerated men and women.

Nalini NadkarniDr. Nalini Nadkarni studies canopy-dwelling organisms in rainforests of the world. She is a Professor of Biology at the University of Utah. Her research focuses on the interactions biota that live in rainforest canopies, with field sites in Costa Rica and Washington State. She is a passionate communicator about nature to people in all walks of life, and has innovated science engagement for audiences such as urban youth, artists, rap singers, and incarcerated men and women.

You can watch her TED Talk, Conserving the Canopy, here.

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