Robert Phillips

Methods of climbing and working with rope in trees, Robert W. Phillips

Wednesday May 4th, 11:15am, Commercial Arborist Breakout (Adventureland)

Over the years climbing and working in trees has changed as technology has staged an evolution. Method’s today to ascend on rope are changing frequently in part to the incorporation of techniques utilized by recreational rock climbers and in ground cave dwellers. The equipment for body positioning and fall arrest in climbing trees aloft has made monumental strides in comfort and ergonomics. The days of discomfort while climbing aloft are being replaced with improved energy saving ideas that ultimately create a safer work environment.

Robert W. Phillips

Robert PhillipsRobert has been working in the tree care profession for over forty years and has participated in the tree climbing competition for forty years as well. Robert has been a presenter / speaker for numerous organizations for forty years. Robert has let many seminars throughout the world on safe methods of climbing and working aloft in trees. Robert has contributed countless articles and videos on safe and efficient methods of working to preserve trees in our environment.