Tour and Field Workshop

This optional afternoon workshop on Day 3 (April 26th) of the conference will be held on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus, close to the conference hotel. The campus boasts an impressive collection of mature trees that present some unique maintenance challenges.

Each of the four presenters will have 40 minutes, but the entire group will start with Dan Staley (ArborDrone) for a Demonstration of the use of drone technology for arboricultural applications.

From there, the group will divide into three smaller group that will rotate through three stations:

Station 1: Denice Britton (CalTLC, Inc.)An Arborist’s retrospective on native oaks in a landscape setting.

Station 2: Torrey Young (Dryad, LLC ) – Managing the structural stability of heritage oaks through pruning, cabling, bracing, and/or propping.

Station 3: David Kelley (consultant) – Assessment and correction of problematic urban soils


The bus is expected to leave the hotel at around 12:30pm. Time allowing, we plan to stop at a local winery on the way back to the hotel to sample some of Sonoma’s County’s finest. We expect to be back at the hotel by 5:30pm