The Nature and Science of Ethics

“So convenient a thing it is to be a responsible creature since it enables us to make a reason for everything one has a mind to do.” Ben Franklin

Arboricultural Ethics is complex, ever-changing, and at the very core of who we are. Those in the “Business of Arboriculture” (and, what a wide ranging business it is.) know that the industry is daily faced with an array of dilemmas that tax our character and rile our spirit from matters of professionalism to those of the bottom line.

The science of arboriculture is never emotional. Our arborist’s ethic shouldn’t either. Understanding science helps us understand ourselves. The science of our ethic is our own story, it’s brought you here today. Is there risk in your ethic?

Tim WomickTim Womick grew up in a magnolia not far from the swampy Lumber River.  He learned a lot observing life high among it’s branches.  In 1990 he had an epiphany during a visit to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest where the trees spoke to him saying, “Go tell people we’re special.” And, that he has.  For over a decade he served as spokesperson of the National Tree Trust.   In 2011 he was awarded the ISA True Professional of Arboriculture Award.   Currently he’s on the short list of the single-longest running stage performers in the history of the California State Fair.

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