SelecTree Nursery Connection – Closing the Loop

The SelecTree website ( guides users through a tree selection process based on tree and site characteristics. SelecTree users often wonder where they can find or purchase certain trees they select. This project represents an initial step to connect SelecTree users with local nurseries to improve appropriate tree selection and availability.  Tree and retail nursery listings were gathered from participating wholesale growers. SelecTree records which match wholesaler listings will display a map of retail nursery locations with ties to the participating wholesalers.

Jeff ReimerJeff Reimer earned his BS in Forestry and MS in Urban Forestry from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo where he is currently employed in the Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences Department.  Jeff has developed, managed and maintained the UFEI online resources since 1995. He is a Certified Forester and a member of WCISA, SAF (Society of American Foresters), Central Coast Urban Forest Council, and presently on the California Urban Forestry Advisory Committee. Jeff is passionate about the need for education and accuracy of information relating to trees as a treasured resource, and their appropriate selection.

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