Paul Johnson

Trees Are Key – Unlocking a Brighter Future, Paul Johnson

Tuesday May 3rd, 10:30am General Session Keynote Speaker

Paul knows that #TreesAreKey to healthier, happier communities. Join us as Paul explores the challenges we face, weaknesses in our industry, and opportunities for growth. He will propose a few answers, ask lots of questions, and hopefully spark change.

The Magic of Public Speaking- Team Lorax, Paul Johnson

Thursday May 5th, 10:30am, General Session

Think about that dynamic, entertaining speaker that really got your attention and kept you engaged for an hour. You can be that speaker. Speaking is a skill, like climbing, that can be learned, practiced, and improved. How you present your information is as important as the information itself. In 60 minutes you will receive the tools you need to become a great speaker.

Paul Johnson

Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson is the Urban & Community Forestry Program Coordinator for the Texas A&M Forest Service.  Paul is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist/ Municipal Specialist, Board Certified Master Arborist, and is a member of the ISA Board of Directors.  He has been a radio talk show host, newspaper columnist, Extension horticulturist, University adjunct instructor, and plant health care specialist.