James Urban, Urban Soil

Use less, Reuse, Recycle Existing Urban Soil, James Urban, ISA, FASLA

Wednesday May 4th, 3:00pm, Innovation/Communication Breakout (Tomorrowland)

Use less, reuse, and recycle are first principles in the environmental movement.  These concepts are critical to the soil section in the new ASLA’s SITES TM ecological site design guidelines.  But frequently we think urban soils are not usable and new soil is brought in for projects.  This session will explore how to incorporate urban soils into your work to reduce its ecological footprint, reduce cost and even improve performance.

James Urban, FASLA, ISA specializes in the design of trees and soils in urban spaces. He has written and lectured extensively on this subject and has been responsible for the introduction of many urban tree planting and soil  innovations. His book ‘Up By Roots, is one of the principle tree and soil references for arborist.  He has been awarded the 2007 ASLA Medal of Excellence and the 2013 ISA Award of Achievement for his efforts.