James Urban – Suspended pavement structures

Suspended pavement structures – Ten Years of Experience, James Urban, ISA, FASLA

Wednesday May 4th, 10:30am, Innovation/Communication Breakout (Tomorrowland)

In 2006, the first pre-engineered structural system for tree rooting soil under pavement was introduced.  This system built on 25 years of effort to solve the problem of increasing rooting space for urban trees in paved areas.  The system has proven remarkably successful and created an industry of products that imitate the original concept.  This session will review the suspended pavement approach and discuss research and the pros and cons of the various alternatives.

James Urban, FASLA, ISA specializes in the design of trees and soils in urban spaces. He has written and lectured extensively on this subject and has been responsible for the introduction of many urban tree planting and soil  innovations. His book ‘Up By Roots, is one of the principle tree and soil references for arborist.  He has been awarded the 2007 ASLA Medal of Excellence and the 2013 ISA Award of Achievement for his efforts.