Fourteen Years Later: A Remeasurement of Claremont’s Street Trees

In 2000, 818 street trees representing 22 predominant species were surveyed in Claremont, CA. Those data were used to develop tree growth equations that underpin tools widely used to quantify the value of urban trees. In 2014 the same trees were remeasured to improve the accuracy and precision of growth curves. This presentation describes how rates of growth, mortality and condition rating differed among species and age classes. Effects of drought, pests and other stressors are noted, and future management implications of historic patterns of growth, removal and replanting are discussed.

Forest Frontiers: Greg McPhersonDr. Greg McPherson is a Research Forester with the USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station located in Davis, CA. He works with a team of scientists to measure and model effects of trees on energy use, urban heat islands, air pollutant uptake, carbon sequestration, and rainfall interception. Their research is helping justify investments in urban forest planning and management.

natalie s van doorn ph d candidate natalies at berkeley dot edu home ...Dr. Natalie van Doorn is a postdoctoral scholar working jointly with UC Davis and the USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station. Her graduate work focused on quantifying species-specific competitive effects of neighboring tree on tree growth and the effect of nutrient depletion on tree demography in the Northern Forest. More recently, her research interests have shifted to tree growth and demography in urban forests. Specifically, she is improving growth models and documenting demographic rates in a long-term study of street trees in Claremont, CA.

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