Downtown Foresters

San Luis Obispo’s Downtown Foresters are volunteers, primarily made up of members of the Downtown Association their families, friends and other recruits. Our motto is “Plant, Prune & Protect.” This highly motivated group helps to care and lobby for the urban forest, saving and planting trees. Ron’s presentation will walk through the process it took to encourage the formation of and our ongoing efforts to keep this group motivated over the past seven years.

Ron CombsRon Combs is the Urban Forest Supervisor/City Arborist for the City of San Luis Obispo.  He formed a volunteer group called the “Downtown Foresters” made up of Downtown Association Members and volunteers whose motto is, “Plant, Prune, Protect.” He currently teaches folks to become Certified Arborists at Bakersfield College and Citizen Forester classes for the Tree Foundation of Kern as well as guest lectures for the Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo Aboriculture classes. He enjoys time with family and friends and is always up for snow and water sports, hiking and other adventurous play.

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