Bill Conn

Integration of Lidar into a Vegetation Management Program, Wednesday May 4th, 10:30am, Utility Breakout “Electrical Parade”

This presentation will discuss the uses of LiDAR as a tool for safety, compliance, and reliability.

How Technology has Helped Utility Arboriculture Become Safer, More Efficient, and Compliant, Wednesday May 4th, 1:45pm, Utility Breakout “Electrical Parade”

This presentation will discuss the uses of technology such as mobile apps., radio tracking equipment, LIDAR and utility helicopter patrol warning system.


bill connBill Conn has been in the tree care industry for the past twenty years.  He has been employed with VELCO for the past 9 years as a Utility Forester.  He is a Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Worker, Certified Utility Specialist, ISA Traq Qualified and Certified Tree Care Safety Professional.  He has done numerous trainings on certified line clearance tree trimming, aerial rescue, aerial lift operation, chain saw safety.  He has served on the board for the New England chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture for the past 10 years and is currently a past President.   He has also been involved with the International Society of Arboriculture’s International tree climbing competition as a judge and technician. He is currently on the ISA Test Committee and Chairman of the North American Tree Climbing Championship.