Best Management Practices for Soil Management

In 2011, the American National Standards Institute published an A300 Standard for Soil Management. This standard covers soil modification, fertilization and drainage. As with all A300 Standards, the ISA developed a Best Management Practice to interpret and provide guidelines of practice for arborists. The Soil Management BMP was completed and published in the fall of 2014.

This talk will cover information that is in the new BMP including goals for soil management, soil sampling, soil analysis, soil modification, mulching, and tillage. All of these practices can be considered by arborists who are trying to improve tree health and longevity. . Along with the how-to information will be a discussion on practical application of the main tools and techniques that arborist can use.

Tom SmileyDr. Tom Smiley is an arboricultural researcher at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory in Charlotte NC and an adjunct professor of Urban Forestry at Clemson University.

Dr. Smiley is active in the arboriculture industry and has co-authored the ISA’s Best Management Practices for Tree Risk Assessment, Lightning Protection, Fertilization, Support Systems, Soil Management and Construction Management.

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