Wister Dorta


Wister DortaThe East meets the West – Tree Procurement from NYC to CSM.

Date/Time/Session: 5/10/2017, 2:05:00 PM, “Progress” Breakout

Presentation Length:  45 mins

Presented by: Wister Dorta 

Overview of Presentation:

If given the opportunity I feel listeners will learn about a well balanced variety of topics regarding large scale tree planting and tree procurement and how those experiences can be useful for other cities at a normal scale. They will learn about the balled and burlap plant material processes used in New York City and how different it is to the boxed/container industry more commonly used in Southern California. We are updating our Urban Forest Master Plan and have mapped out our City into priority planting areas where we look to better maximize canopy in Santa Monica. Listeners will take away the differences in purchasing plant material  designed to be curbside versus for parks and how custom growing plant material is beneficial for projects. Basic tree planting processes and what to look for when purchasing trees will be briefly covered.                                                                                                                               



Presenter Bio:

2007-2008 National Park Service Forestry Technician & Ranger

2008-2012 City of New York Dept. of Parks & Recreation Forester working on Street tree planting contracts in Brooklyn 2008,

Tree Procurement in Fall 2008-Summer 2014,

Street tree Plan Review and Permitting in Brooklyn 2008-2010

Citywide Plan Review and Permitting 2010-2012

2012-2014 Forestry Permit Manager for all new development and major alterations