Gordon Mann

Revisions to ANSI A300 Part 1 Pruning Standard

Wednesday May 4th, 3:45pm, Commercial Arborist Breakout (Adventureland)

The discussion format will share the changes made to the Pruning standard, and how to write specifications that align with the standard. There are no longer methods of pruning. There are systems and ways to remove branches. There is more focus on the number and size of the branches to be removed than the amount of foliage to be removed. Every pruning cut wounds a tree. The benefits of pruning have to exceed the wounding.

Gordon Mann 2Gordon Mann is a consulting arborist and urban forester with 38 years of experience in urban tree management. Working as Brookfield, IL Village Forester, San Mateo, CA Tree Maintenance Supervisor, Redwood City public works superintendent honed his skills.  Nonprofit experience includes CityTrees in Redwood City and the Sacramento Tree Foundation. He is an alternate on the ANSI A300 tree standards committee, and is passionate about the benefits trees provide people, and clear specifications for work.