Keynote Speaker – Jared Farmer “Elderflora and Chronodiversity”

We have some great speakers line up this year with informative topics. This year’s Keynote Speaker is Jared Farmer. Jared Farmer is a geohumanist and place-based historian based in Philadelphia. His latest book is “Elderflora: A Modern History of Ancient Trees” –

Big trees, old trees, and especially big old trees have always been objects of reverence. From Athena’s sacred olive on the Acropolis to the unmistakable ginkgo leaf prevalent in Japanese art and fashion during the Edo period, our profound admiration for slow plants spans time and place as well as cultures and religions. At the same time, the utilization and indeed the desecration of ancient trees is a common feature of history. In the modern period, the American West, more than any other region, witnessed contradictory efforts to destroy and protect ancient conifers. Prize-winning historian Jared Farmer reflects on our long-term relationships with long-lived trees and considers the future of oldness on a rapidly changing planet.

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