Presentation Proposals are being accepted for the 2023 WCISA Annual Conference.

Our conference theme is “Digging In: An Exploration of Arboriculture.”  Our focus this year will be on providing an in-depth look at a variety of topics.  But fear not!  “In-depth” does not mean that the topics will all be intended for an expert audience: we welcome presentations at all levels, as long as they provide a comprehensive look at the topic. 

We are especially interested in presentations that include one or more of the following topics that were specifically highlighted by the WCISA members:  Pruning; Tree Preservation; Risk Assessment; Risk Management; Plant Health Care; Diagnostic Process; Abiotic Disorders; Biotic Disorders; Soil Science; Water Relations and Irrigation. But do not feel constrained – you are also invited to “dig in” to any other topic of interest to practicing arborists in the West.

The Committee is especially interested in receiving proposals from all of the professional affiliations in arboriculture: commercial arborists, consulting arborists, municipal foresters, utility arborists, climbing arborists, and others.  We encourage the proposal-writers to explicitly state the professional affiliation(s) to which their proposal is especially relevant, and we welcome proposals that clearly address more than one professional affiliation.

Some ideas you might not have considered:

  • A perennial favorite: preservation of large trees in difficult spaces and sites.
  • A hands-on demonstration of… (see one of the topic areas above)
  • A curated outdoor demonstration of _________
  • A presentation really “digging in” to the interaction of arboriculture with _________ (energy? Utility issues? Health? Water?).
  • Another perennial favorite: “digging in” to some aspect of climate change and arboriculture
  • Of interest to our president, Daniel Goyette, tree planting now for future trees

The conference committee invites you to share your experience, expertise, and professional knowledge by submitting a presentation proposal.  

The deadline for submitting proposals is 5pm, Friday, October 28th, 2022.


The preferred proposal format is submitting online through this link.  Proposals may also be emailed to Rose Epperson ( and If necessary, they may be mailed to WCISA 2023 Program Committee, 31910 Country Club Dr. Porterville, CA 93257.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the 2023 Program Committee (see below) or  Executive Director, Rose Epperson (

2023 Program Committee

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