Woah – that’s a Keynote!

KEYNOTE by Obi Kaufmann “The Mind of the Redwood Forest; from Mycelia to Murrelets”

June 7, 2021. 1:30pm

Delivering this year’s keynote address to attendees at the 87th WCISA annual conference is the best-selling author of The Forests of California, Obi Kaufmann (Heyday, 2021).

In this wide ranging and comprehensive overview, Obi explores the dynamic biodiversity and the conditions that exist to sustain the world’s tallest forests — the forests of Sequoia sempervirens, the Coast redwood. In his artful and analytic style, this tour of California’s iconic redwoods includes a survey of evolutionary theory about how the redwood forest came to be, what the state of the forest is now, and how it might react and evolve to the future in light of development and climate disruption. From hydrology to habitat, Obi’s impassioned and intimate introduction to this endemic ecosystem prescribes intersectional solutions of resiliency and restoration that collectively work to secure the health of the majestic redwood forest for millennia to come.

About Obi…

Obi Kaufmann is the best-selling author and illustrator of many best-selling books including the California Field Atlas, The State of Water; understanding California’s most precious resource, and most recently The Forests of California, a comprehensive work that blends science and art to illuminate the unique character of California’s vast and threatened arboreal world. Through the literary invention of the Field Atlas, it is Obi’s work to popularize the concept of geographic literacy as a collective tool, instrumental in understanding the complex conservation challenges and opportunities of this century. An avid conservationist, Obi is on the Board of Directors at the California Wilderness Coalition and regularly travels around the state, presenting his work and vision of ecological restoration and preservation to such groups as the Klamath-Siskiyou Wildland center, the Mojave Desert Land Trust, the Anza Borrego Foundation, the Mono Lake Committee, the Peninsula Open Space Trust, the Sempervirens Fund, Friends of the River, the California Native Plant Society, the Wilderness Society and the Audubon Society.

Find out more about Obi – The Forests of California by Obi Kaufmann (heydaybooks.com)

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