Call for Presentations!

Thank you for considering a presentation proposal for the 2021 WCISA Annual Conference. The conference will be held June 7-10, 2021 using our virtual platform.

Our conference theme is “Far Out Arboriculture.” We were looking forward to being “far out” on California’s Lost Coast this June but will be “far out” virtually instead.

After a uniquely challenging year that forced many of us to adapt the ways we work “far out” beyond what we might have thought possible, our focus for the 2021 conference is on innovative approaches (aka, “far out”).

We welcome proposals for presentations that

  • Use innovative approaches to deliver information – e.g., a presentation that includes a video segment from the field, or a presentation recorded entirely -in- the field
  • Describe an innovative approach in the use of existing technology (video, webcasts, drones, maps, podcasts, web-based instruction) to train arborists
  • Demonstrate an innovative approach to our work in arboriculture – it could be new technology, new science, or even a new means of managing our work or communicating with our clients
  • Illustrate an innovative approach to connecting with others in the world of arboriculture and urban forestry, e.g., new outreach methods, unique partnerships, educational frameworks or workforce development systems, or other connections that led to “far out” positive outcomes
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to forest management, especially redwood forests and the unique approaches that are taken to work with such large and stately trees
  • Represent far out arboricultural practices specific to the Lost Coast – what can the rest of the Chapter learn from our membership in the Northern California coast?

In a nutshell (or, “in an acorn” if you prefer): what have you learned / tried /started-up / experienced / developed / collaborated-on / accomplished during the pandemic era that is so far-out that you want to share it with others because it will help us all get better at what we do?

The conference committee invites you to share your experience, expertise, and professional knowledge by submitting a presentation proposal. More information about the proposal process and the format for submitting presentation proposals is at this link.

Deadline for submitting proposals is 5pm, February 26, 2021.


  • The preferred proposal format is online using this link
  • Proposals may also be emailed to Rose Epperson (
  • If necessary, proposals may be mailed to 31910 Country Club Dr. Porterville, CA 93257 Attention: Rose Epperson.

If you have any questions, please contact: Program Chair, Igor Lacan ( or Rose Epperson (

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