That’s a wrap! A note from our Conference Chair, Nicholas Crawford

This year’s conference was a success in a bunch of ways! We had an incredible 500+ attendees which reflected the draw of hosting at Disneyland and the strength of our program. The whole time, the energy was palpable. People were excited to be there and enjoying the many little surprises and tie-ins with the location. We could not have asked for better meals and conditions. Perhaps that excitement is what fed the fundraising of over $25,000 through the Silent Auction and The Britton Fund Ride!

Without a doubt, our President Rhonda Wood’s role there as horticulturalist on staff at Disneyland opened many doors for us to get treated to behind-the-scenes access for the trees and landscape, sent great resources for elaborate decorations, and brought speakers from throughout the Disney family to go deeper on what makes the park scenes so mesmerizing.

Each year, our annual conference continues to evolve, and the showcase of our partnerships with other organizations improves every year. Coming off of the reception of the Yosemite conference last year at Tenaya Lodge, where we had a stellar lineup there too while at an intimate location, we were able to amplify everything with a destination location for folks and their families stacked on top of an equally strong program.

Looking ahead, we have a hybrid of the past two years nestled in the accessible but private Paradise Cove location in San Diego that offers tons of amenities on site and a program being assembled now that will maintain the momentum. Plan ahead, booking in advance and registering when things go live. Until then!


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